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AngusSoft 2012, Tools for middleware development

AngusSoft © aims to provide easy, usable tools to aid Enterprise System Middleware design and development. Currently our sole offering is QueueZee v2.8 ~ a freeware application designed for IBM WebSphere MQ v7.

(Please note: QueueZee v1.x is no longer supported or distributed from this site. This also applies to QueueZee v2.0-v2.3 - please upgrade to v2.8)
***** QueueZee v2.8 available for download now!! *****

QueueZee Installation

First download and unzip QueueZee v2.8, (, to a suitable directory, (C:\Program Files\QueueZee_v2 is a good example location). The zip file can be downloaded here:

Download QueueZee v2.8

Finally, follow the instructions in the ReadMe - Installation.txt file located in the root directory of the unzipped file.
Thank-you for using QueueZee ~ any donations are gratefully received!

QueueZee v2.8 doesn't require an access key for browse only features. A donation is required for access keys to unlock the whole product.

Existing access key holders don't need to make a donation (although they obviously can if they like!). If you already have QueueZee v2.1, v2.3 or v2.6 you can upgrade to v2.8 by simply replacing your qz.jar & qz.bat files with the following plus adding ojdbc6.jar to your QueueZee lib directory:

Download qz.jar (v2.8)

Download qz.bat (v2.8)

Download ojdbc6.jar

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Coming soon: .... QueueZee v3.0 !!
AngusSoft are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a prototype WebSphere Application Server (WAS) estate monitor (WASem) to compliment QueueZee as part of the next release - QueueZee v3.0.

This embedded tool provides a lightweight viewer of your entire WAS estate including significant parameters such as JVM status, start times, pool, memory status and which applications are deployed.  The information is both near real time (configurable) and real time for notifications of major events. The viewer is provisioned via a java Swing client and requires no Websphere classes on the desktop. There is a server component which can be hosted on one or more WebSphere installations which uses public IBM WebSphere and JMX technology to interrogate the estate.  The only other item required is an http server for easy distribution of the client although if required this can be distributed locally as a java archive.

The intent is to provide a lightweight viewer and monitor with minimal infrastructure requirements of its own. It provides a global view of all cells in your estate rather than by attachment on a per cell basis.  It needs no instrumentation, agent deployments or alterations to your server estate.  Its strength is in providing a  global view of status across the estate at minimal  cost in terms of configuration or run time requirement.

Although typical usage would be for Websphere engineering teams and support staff it has also been employed for daily health checks and a real time CMDB.


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If you are already using QueueZee v1.x we suggest you keep QueueZee v2.8 separate and move any saved or exported messages you have across via local Queues. You should still be able to export and import other QueueZee configurables like Queue Manager Groups etc.

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Current Offerings

QueueZee v2.8 - QueueZee is a powerful MS Windows\Unix Java application designed for making message management, manipulation and analysis with IBM WebSphere MQ as easy and efficient as possible.
This version is provided FREE of charge (freeware) for browse only features, although you will need a donation for an access key to use the fully featured product, (there is no minimum donation amount).
The requirements needed to run QueueZee v2.8 are MS Windows XP, Vista or 7, or Unix, (it has been tested on Fedora) and the IBM WMQ v7.0 Java client classes (available with IBM WMQ v7).


Although QueueZee v2.8 requires the IBM WebSphere MQ v7 Java client libraries it will connect to MQ v5.3, v6 & v7 Queue Managers.

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